Study tour

You will be introduced to some aspects of sustainability at Earthgarden through our study tour programs. At this moment three of our programs (sorry, not all of them… ) below are offered in English. Booking is essential.

1. Educational tour of the garden (1~7 people)

The garden, which has been designed to simulate natural ecosystems, is on our 650 ㎡property. Though small, it is full of biodiversity and amazingly productive: a garden ecology survey conducted several years ago identified 232 useful (=edible and medicinal) plant species during a year period.
 Vegetables, fruit trees, herbs, mushrooms and wild plants are included on this list. This organic garden is widely recognized as a small intensive residential model of a permaculture garden. During the tour the nutrient cycles and water systems including the bio-geo-filter will be explained.(Depending on the weather and other circumstances, ppt slides may be used to replace part of the guided tour)

Schedule: Arrival → Study session → Guided tour → Tea Time
Time:   (morning or afternoon, starting time is negotiable) 2 hours
Fee:   ¥2.000 per person(2〜7people) ¥3.500 (1 person)


2. Educational tour of the garden & life design (2~7 people)

In addition to the garden tour (see the tour description above), other aspects of Earthgarden will be introduced. The tour includes explanations of the passive solar design, solar panels by Kyoto Green Fund, the solar collector and the wood and pellet stoves. Our small-scale methane digester system to

 turn humanure into clean liquid fertilizer will also be explained.

 In addition information about other ecological features such as construction materials and paints to control the level of sick-house chemicals will be provided. This tour is a great opportunity to understand the whole residential
system design. (Depending on the weather and other circumstances, ppt slides
may be used to replace part of the guided tours.)

Schedule: Arrival→Study session→ Guided tour 1→ Tea time
→ Guided tour 2
Time: 3 hours (morning or afternoon, starting time is negotiable)
Fee: ¥3.000 per person


3. Slide show “Charmed Life with an Organic Garden” (2~7 people)

This set of slides shows some design features of Earthgarden. You will be introduced to the charm and great benefit of a small organic garden. In addition information about ecological features of the building will be provided. It will be a great chance to know some techniques and principles of permaculture design applied to a residence. It will also help envision a lifestyle toward sustainability.

Time: 30~60 minutes

This talk & slide show is also available away from Earthgarden for larger audience at your request.


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If you have a permaculture design certificate and practice permaculture somewhere on this planet, your visit will be welcomed by prior arrangements. It will be a great opportunity to learn from each other.